ABOUT Newman!

Hey Friend! 

Great! you made it to my blog. You made visiting this blog a priority because in here you’ll understand why conversations have the propensity to educate our thinking. Over here you will find  the good, bad & ugly stories I have been committed to share about myself, plus others on a rocket-life Pursuit to inspire Purpose.

Call me Newman, Prince Newman. I envision a world where people will grow up, feeling inspired never to live poor or mentally deficient. Achieving this would require a concerned push towards unifying minds, diversifying interests and championing inclusion. The state of Africa in the light of this interest is riveting. I am originally from Ghana, however consider myself an average African who is passionate about improving the state of Africa. I trust storytelling as a powerful means to educate our thinking–hence the creation of this blog.

I love People, and consider myself an insatiable reader, an educator and an African thinker. Last on a few bits about me…I love God. Feel inspired to read on, and quickly share your feedback on the stories with me and other valued readers. Hit the subscription button to receive notifications of the latest posts. Inspire On!

your YoungChamp, Prince Newman.