ABOUT Newman!

Hey Friend! 

Great! you made it to my blog. You made visiting this blog a Priority because you believe in the art of inspiring Purpose, Passion and Potentials. Over here you’ll find  the good, bad & ugly stories I have been committed to share about myself, plus others on a rocket-life Pursuit to inspire Purpose.

Call me Prince, Prince Newman. You can call me the YoungChamp. To be a champion is a mindset, so I believe in greatness inspired through the mind.  I envision a world where People will grow up, feeling inspired never to be Poor or mentally deficient. I love People, networking and communicating with like-minded fellows. I’m a sanguine-choleric by temperament, and sometimes witty (that’s occasional,lol). Last on a few bits about me…I love God!

Answer to the big ‘Why’ for founding this blog is to make blogging a better channel to learn & learn & learn, grow & grow & grow, and lead & lead & lead!

An instance…. I spent over 26.7-minutes writing this “about me” section (** covers face with palms** lol). This is because I’m still at the verge of learning and growing my writing finesse in order to share the beautiful stories that makes up the bold-new-normal me! Feel inspired to read on, and share your feedbacks with me and other valued readers. Inspire On!    — your YoungChamp,                                Prince Newman.